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        Nantong Yuehua talks about the

        Recently, lithium carbonate has started a price increase mode again. The data shows that on February 24, the comprehensive quotation of the industrial-grade lithium carbonate market was 410,000-470,000 yuan/ton, and the comprehensive quotation of the battery-grade lithium carbonate market was 450,000-490,000 yuan/ton. In the previous January, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate just exceeded 300,000 yuan / ton. What factors have contributed to the rise in the price of lithium carbonate in this round?
        Lithium carbonate is in short supply and the price is approaching 500,000 yuan per ton. Please read the interview with Nantong Yuehua below.

        In the warehouse of a trading company dealing in lithium carbonate in Nantong, Jiangsu, the reporter saw that a forklift was loading bags of lithium carbonate to be sent to downstream manufacturers. Wang Hong is the sales person in charge of this company. She told reporters that when the car is finished, all the existing lithium carbonate in the warehouse will be sold.
        Nantong Yuehua New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Sales Manager, Wang Hong: "Supply exceeds demand. Now customers are using the robbery model. As soon as they say there is stock, they will be bought immediately. Now the stock in the warehouse is basically very few. "

        Wang Hong told reporters that the price trend of lithium carbonate this year can be described as crazy.
        Nantong Yuehua New Materials Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Wang Hong: I joined the industry in 2018. At that time, the lithium carbonate market was at its lowest point, about 28,900 to 30,000 yuan per ton. Now it is more than 400,000 yuan per ton, which has doubled. The two weeks after the Spring Festival are very crazy, and the price can be increased by 10,000 yuan in half a day. The time for payment is relatively short, and generally if the payment is not made, the contract must be voided.

        The reason for the continued rise in lithium prices is the substantial increase in the demand for downstream power batteries. The person in charge of the production line told reporters that the company's lithium battery orders have been increasing in the past two years, and the production line is basically running at full capacity.
        Nantong Yuehua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and sales of new energy materials. The products include a variety of lithium salts, cesium salts, rubidium salts and other comprehensive products. The company always follows the market demand, strengthens technological innovation, strictly Control product quality and serve major domestic and foreign enterprises.